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Knightsbridge Advisors


Retained Executive Search / Team Lift-outs

  1. We complete every retained search. Once retained we often say (half-jokingly) that you will require a restraining order to stop us from completing the retained search.
  2. Our average completion time is under 90 days. If you allow us to coordinate the interview/feedback process we can reduce this time substantially.
  3. Within two weeks of commencement we will present two candidates whom we regard as representative of the specifications. Although we categorize them as “benchmarks” statistically over 40% of these benchmarks ultimately are offered the position. 45 days after commencement we present a complete slate of five qualified candidates. Over the ensuing 45 days we coordinate the interview process, consolidate feedback, and assist in negotiating the offer package and checking references.
  4. We are committed to always offering a diverse slate of candidates.
  5. We guarantee our placements

Market Intelligence/Management Consulting

  1. We will always offer the latest and most pertinent articles regarding Wealth Management in our Intelligence Library
  2. Each quarter we produce a proprietary survey of competitive compensation information for sales and client service professionals broken into the four major peer groups of our industry. This information is available to all Knightsbridge clients at no charge.
  3. We have been retained to perform tailored market intelligence projects against targeted firms, as well as internal analysis of the competitiveness of our client’s compensation and structural models.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our intimate, daily interaction with the majority of private client groups places us in a unique position to identify and approach firms that would provide excellent non-organic growth possibilities to our clients.